How to Achieve Maximum Success with Options

Selecting a Top Electrician

Bad wiring is a common cause of fire and we all know how devastating it can be. That’s why you have to take your time reviewing your options before hiring an electrician.

Licensing and Insurance Coverage

First and foremost, check if the electrician you’re interested in has a license. This is your assurance that the contractor has completed all state-required courses and practical work that allow him to do his job correctly and safely. Let them show proof if they say they’re licensed, and make sure the license is current and valid for the electrical work you want them to do. Keep in mind that some electrical licensed carry restrictions. Also ensure that the electrician has both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Again, if they claim they’re covered, ask to see evidence. Ozen Electrique of Montreal is a licensed and insured contractor that can give you the security you need.

Comparing Quotes

Instead of focusing on just one prospect, approach three different electricians and ask for quotes (you may end up confused if you consider more than three choices). Communicate exactly the kind of work you need them to do. They should give you a quote that comes complete with all the details, including a price breakdown. When you have all three quotes, sit down and compare them, and find the one that best matches your needs, standards and budget. Ozen Electrique in Montreal will be eager to provide a quote upon your request.

Qualifications and Experience It’s important that you get along with this contractor for the sake of your project. A professional electrician also respects your time and will give you a call if they’re held up and might be late. With Ozen Electrique, professionalism is a given.