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A General Overview Of Granite Countertops

The beauty and polish looks of granite makes it familiar with countertop makers. Granite is also known for its long lasting attributes. The ancient Egyptians found granite and made use of it in making of pyramids. Many homeowners are settling for granite countertops due to its beauty and long-lasting abilities. Settling for granite countertops will be a good idea if you are a homeowner. Get to learn why granite countertops are the best, this article explains.

Since granite is an excellent material for making countertops it is most popular with many homeowners when choosing countertops. The grainy appearance of the granite is brought about by the interlocking structure of granite. The interlocking crystal structure makes the granite to last for a long time. It is not easy to harm granite countertops; it could only happen if you are determined.

you would not be required to dedicate lots of time and resources towards maintaining granite countertops. Even when you cut carrots on the granite countertop you’d not succeed in destroying the countertop. Unless you want to destroy your knife that’s when you would dent the granite countertop, but that is almost impossible. You’d not waste a lot of your time, and you’d be assured of durability when you go for granite countertops.

The theme of your kitchen could compliment with granite countertops that have similar designs as the kitchen. New great designs of countertops are being produced every day. You could find or customize whatever kind of granite countertop. You will not have to replace granite countertops since they are long-lasting. Anybody can manage to buy granite countertops. Select the best granite countertop you like today.

The traditional colors that you could find for granite countertops include white, gray, black pink, orange, and colorless. Seek for the best firm that does the countertops installation to help you select the best shade.

Quartz, mica, feldspar, hornblende, and biotite are the five crystals that make up granite. Quartz is the favorite crystal, it produces the best qualities of the granite countertops. Quartz offers the granite countertops with resilience and ability to withstand heat, tear and wear. The reflections of the colors of the crystals around quartz give it color.

Granite derives its polish nature from the mica crystals. Several shades that mica crystals offer to the granite includes silver, violet, and pink. Feldspar is the crystal that gives granite most of the colors like yellow, orange, pink, and blue among others. The most common crystal of granite is hornblende and biotite that gives the granite the salt and pepper look.